Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Snowy Halloween

Crazy, right?  The tri-state area was hit with a pretty massive snow storm this past weekend, and the destruction is unbelievable.  The biggest problem is that most trees haven't shed all their leaves yet, so the heavy, wet snow that fell on Saturday weighed down some pretty large branches, and caused the trees to bend, break, and, in some cases, be totally destroyed.  I had to work on Saturday because, well, anytime it snows, I have to be at work as part of my job.  While I was at work, Greg would call me to give me status updates on our house and property.  He said it was pretty scary for a while when it was dark in our neighborhood and all he could hear was the cracking and subsequent falling of trees and tree branches all over the place.

Thankfully we were only without power for a couple of hours, and none of the falling branches crushed our roof or our cars.  We're now in the process of trying to figure out how we will remove all of the fallen tree limbs from our back yard without spending a fortune...anyone need some free firewood?  It's yours for the takin'!

Because of all the down trees and power lines all over the place, our town officially cancelled Halloween for tonight, so I assume there will be no trick-or-treaters out and about in our neighborhood.  To me, this simply means that I'll have to eat all of the chocolate in my house now :)  

Below are some pictures of our back yard and driveway taken this morning.  Our entire neighborhood is full of properties with at least this much debris, and in some cases there's even more damage.  It's eerie driving around trying to dodge trees and power lines that are all over the roads.  Feels like a scene from armageddon or something...

This "branch" fell just in front of where Greg's car was parked...
only a few minutes after he moved it out of the way.  Yikes!!!

This is looking into our backyard from our driveway (our neighbor's garage is in the background)

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