Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...

I'm sure you've all had one of THOSE days before in your life.  You know, the ones where everything that everyone says to you sets you on edge, and even the radio DJ's get on your last nerve for being so perky and awake in the morning?  If you claim that you haven't, I think you're lying.  But if you truly haven't, you are either extremely lucky or totally oblivious to the world around you.

Hopefully, you've also had some (or many) days where you feel overly excited about everything, where everything and everyone you meet makes you smile and you feel happy and content just to be alive.  Around this time of year, this feeling is usually accompanied by anticipation for Christmas and the New Year ahead, which seems full of endless possibilities.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The South Ain't Ready for THIS!

That's right, we booked our mini-vacation to Tennessee, where we'll ring in the New Year in the heart of Music City, while watching a giant, lit-up guitar drop while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd with thousands of our newly found yee-haw, honky-tonk friends.  We'll also be attending the Music City Bowl and visiting Graceland, home of the King of Rock-n-Roll!  I'm VERY excited!

I can't wait to eat some real barbeque, square dance, sing Garth Brooks karaoke, listen to awesome live music, and show a bit of my inner-Elvis :)  It's going to be truly legendary.