Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food and Football

Happy Sunday to all!  The weekend went by so quickly, and, as usual, I am pretty sure I didn't get nearly enough things accomplished.  One of the biggest things I have to do is get my butt in gear for Thanksgiving.  It's only 3 weeks away!  I did manage to put together some cool napkin rings using burlap...I'm going to put orange napkins in the burlap rings and tuck a piece of golden wheat into the burlap.  It should look very pretty and festive on the table.  It's just one more example of how seriously I'm taking my hostess duties for Thanksgiving. 

Today we're having our trees pruned by a professional tree climber - the guy literally climbs trees and walks on limbs, tight-rope style, to prune dead or damaged branches.  We had to have this done because the storm from last weekend destroyed such a large portion of our trees.  He's been here since 1:30 or so, and he's only just finished the front tree (2 hours later).  He'll be moving to the back after a small break.  The work this guy does should be showcased on TV -- it's really insane!  As Greg's friend John put it, the tree dude's work is like Ax Men meets Cirque du Soleil.

Ever since Greg and I met, and probably before me, Greg's been into fantasy football.  He has at least 2 fantasy leagues that I know of, and I'm sure he has others that are just for fun leagues that I know nothing about.  Needless to say, on Sundays in the fall, all he wants to do is drink beer and watch football.  So, that's what he's up to today.  I usually pop my head into our TV room once every couple of hours to check to see if the Eagles are playing and if they're winning.  That's the extent of my involvement.  It's kind of funny, though, because before I met Greg I actually did care somewhat about football - mostly about the Eagles - but I'd be able to sit and watch the game without a problem.  However, the year after we got married, my interest in football dwindled to practically non-existent.  Sometimes I wonder if my liking football had something to do with my desire to meet a man on a subconscious level.  Greg brings that up sometimes and asks why I all of a sudden stopped liking football.  And I have no great answer for him, I just stopped enjoying watching it.  I'm really not sure why.  It may have something to do with getting older and starting to really question to objective of a game where the sole purpose appears to be bashing in the skulls of your opponents running around a field with 15 other men chasing after a tiny ball.

So, while Greg watches the games, I try to distract myself with projects around the house.  Today has been a day of distraction in the kitchen.  I made meat sauce for pasta and kale chips.  I'm also considering making cookies for the crazy tree climber dude who really deserves some kind of treat for the work he did already today.  Sadly, it's only 4:15 and it's already getting dark outside.  Daylight savings time is depressing to say the least!  Hopefully it helps out the farmers or whoever else it was supposed to benefit when it was enacted.  I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday! 

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