Friday, January 27, 2012

Words, Words, Words

I have been dealt a lot of lip service recently.  Most notably at work, which I don't want to discuss here, as there's definitely rules about posting information related to work, which can get me into serious trouble here.  Which is not the goal of this blog.

So, I will try to think about positive things that have been happening and let you in on some of it from here.

First, and pretty important, is that Greg and I have FINALLY gotten our behinds in gear and we've been working out.  Consistently.  Which means twice a week for us.  Which is pretty lame if you think about it too much.  So stop thinking!  It's a really big deal for us, who have, for lack of a more creative description, become total couch potatoes.  Our routine goes something like this:  wake up, go to work, get home from work, make dinner on a good day (or, order pizza on a bad day), sit on the couch to watch all of the ridiculous TV shows we are addicted to, shower, go to sleep.  Rinse and repeat.  Anyway, we were in desperate need of a change to prevent becoming "THOSE AMERICANS" you know, the ones who are 500 lbs and have to be lifted out of their beds with a crane.  (OK, I'm exaggerating just a bit...but our lifestyle makes me realize how it's possible for people to actually get to that point.)

Anyway - we've been members of our local YMCA since we moved in 2009, but have gone to the gym only a handful of times.  We were contemplating dropping the membership all together, since it was pretty much money we were throwing away on a monthly basis.  But, last week, I had a particularly challenging day at work, and I was literally seeing red when I left the office.  I realized, when I got in my car to drive home, that if I didn't go and work out some of my frustration, I was going to wind up hurting someone or something both physically and mentally.  I literally thought of purposely ramming my car into the guardrail along the highway, and of trying to run an old Honda Civic off the road.  When I was mentally arguing with myself about which option would bring me more satisfaction, I realized I needed to take action.  I called Greg and said "I'm going to the Y to boot camp class tonight, otherwise I'm going to kill someone - do you want to come with me?"  Thankfully, his answer was yes, and I think we both got something positive out of the class (in addition to aching legs, arms, abs, backs, etc.)  The class is offered twice a week, and we have gone to all of them since that first day.  It's pretty awesome.  And I've been a bit less stressed at work - although I find myself picturing people from work when I'm fake punching the air during class.  Hey, it's a means to an end.

In addition to my new found love of boot camp class, my sister Adrea came up with the idea for me and my sisters to participate in this year's "rebel race."  Basically, it's a 5k course where you go through obstacles similar to what movies portray as military service boot camp - from what I can understand from the website, the course involves a lot of mud, climbing walls, army crawling through barbed wire, and jumping through hoops to get to the finish line.  I'm a bit nervous about willingly jumping into pits of mud and thinking it will be fun, but hey, you never know!  And, it's more exercise for me, and an excuse to hang out with my best friends in the whole world (Yes, I do mean my sisters - and if you've never met them you wouldn't understand, but if you have you probably know why I love them so much).

Other things I should mention are: getting to see Kristen and Adrea this weekend for a jewelry party, getting together with my college friends next weekend, and Spring being right around the corner.  There's some pretty awesome things to be excited about...and I'm working on keeping them all in mind.  On a constant basis.  Cause, well, work just isn't going to get any better.

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