Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Funday (Freedey Foondey)

I know that many of you have been just dying to know how to say, "Can someone please pass the ketchup" they way that the Swedish Chef would.

For your info, it's: " Cun sumeune-a pleese-a pess zee ketchoop"
You're welcome.

*If you're not laughing out loud right now, please have your sense of humor checked out by a professional IMMEDIATELY!*

Thanks to StumbleUpon, an awesome new website that has random stuff about your interests mailed to you regularly, you too can come up with fantastic phrases a-la Swedish Chef by visiting this website where you will find a translator tool for translating English into Swedish Chef, Jive, Valley Girl, and Pig Latin.  Yeah, Pig Latin!

It's pretty awesome. Have fun wasting time with this little piece of web genius!

Happy Friday and Happy Early Presidents Day to Everyone! 

Or, as I like to say:

Heppy Freedey und Heppy Ierly Preseedents Dey tu Iferyune-a! Bork Bork Bork!

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