Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Railings! We have RAILINGS!!!

And gutters - we have them too!  All new and improved -- with gutter guards to keep all the pesky leaves and falling debris out so that we don't have to clean them out so often.  Take THAT oak trees!

Doesn't it look good?  (OK - you have to picture this without the blue painters tape holding up the small moulding we glued on to finish the seam between our white PVC trim and our wood ceiling - with that stuff off, it looks really amazing!!)

You also have to picture the porch furniture we bought put in place - you can kind of see the love seat in the above picture, but it kind of blends in with the railing balusters without the cushions on and in place.  Here's what the furniture looks like online:

But on our porch, we have the love seat on one side and the two chairs with a side table between them on the other side.  It looks pretty awesome with it all on there and set up - but the love seat side needs some "pizzazz" as it's kind of short for the side and doesn't fill up the space horizontally the way I'd have liked it to - guess I should have paid closer attention to the dimensions!  But, regardless, it looks much better when all furniture is in place...our house finally looks somewhat inviting!  Very exciting!

This past weekend, thanks to some rain and chilly temps, we actually had time to spend inside our house - Greg watching football and me cooking and baking in the kitchen.  It was nice to have a weekend day back to do things we wanted to do instead of had to do.

Obviously, we still have to install some finishing touches - lattice to close off the underside of the porch, and, although you can't see it here, the sides of the stairs need to be enclosed in PVC, but we're 85% there - which is a very exciting place to be!  We also need to actually close our permit with the town - which means we have to re-submit some drawings (we changed some stuff from our original plan) and have an inspection - hopefully that all goes off without a hitch.

Can't wait to sit out here in the SPRING!!!!

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