Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The front of our house is FINALLY starting to look somewhat normal.  It's been a long road, but at least we're progressing!  Here's a view of the front from this past Saturday evening.  It was still a bit warm outside, and, since we had connected the fans, Greg and I decided to pull out our camp chairs and enjoy a beer on our porch, with the slight breeze of the fans cooling down our overworked and very weary selves.

And, this is an up-close picture of Greg, enjoying his much deserved beer.  Isn't he cute???

On Sunday we did a lot of work, but the house didn't look much different - we had to sand and paint the PVC trim on the interior part of the porch (which took forever, but looks much better now in person than it did on Saturday).  We also had to re-hang the shutters on the second floor because, although not noticeable in the above picture, the shutter on the right side was actually a bit crooked, and had to come all the way down to be put back up again (hooray for doing work twice - ugh!).  I also had to touch-up paint the shutters downstairs, because some parts got chipped during the installation process.  

We decided how we're going to trim the columns and got one base moulding cut to size, but we didn't install it yet.  So, we still have to get that done, then install the railings, then add lattice in frames below the porch to finish off our project.  I'm sure it will all take longer than I'd like it to, but I'm really happy that our house is finally starting to look cute.  Maybe by Halloween we'll be ready for Trick or Treaters without worrying that they will hurt themselves on construction debris to get to our front door.  Fingers crossed everyone!!!

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