Friday, March 29, 2013

I've Been a Very Bad Christian

Today is Good Friday.  And Greg asked me this morning if this was the day that Jesus had the Last Supper with the Apostles.  And I promptly replied, "No, today is the day Christ rose from the dead."  Then I stopped and thought for a minute at the same time that Greg said "Umm, didn't he rise on Easter?"

RIGHT!  I thought.  Easter.  That's when Christ rose from the dead.  And it was a miracle because it was three days after he died...three days...count back from Sunday...three days prior is Friday...making Good Friday the day that Jesus died.  Of course.

It scares me just a little that I had to think about this.  Because, as I've said before, I acknowledge that I'm not a practicing Catholic - but seriously, I went through a LOT of religious education, PLUS I went to church every single Sunday of my life from the time I was born up until I was 17 (almost 18) and headed to college.  I have all the tools I need to know exactly how to answer my curious husband with definitive and correct answers related to the fundamental principals and, certainly, the MOST PROMINENT FOUNDATION of Catholicism!  Yet, today, I FAILED!  Miserably.

I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does.  Certainly I don't like failing at anything, but it's more than that.  I feel a little bit sad to know that I've lost a little bit of something that was such a huge part of my childhood.  Logically, I understand that it's because of my choice to no longer practice Catholicism, and being out of practice gives plenty of reason for why my knowledge would diminish - I'm just shocked that the diminished part is about the most important celebration in the Catholic church.

Now I'm off to prepare for this most festive holiday.  Have a Happy Easter everyone!  Afterall, it is the day that Jesus saved all the Bunny rabbits in Nazareth and brought them to a manger and had formerly scandalous women wrap the bunnies in cloth that was stolen from some dead person's tomb while his mother, Mary, cried because all she wanted was for Jesus to turn some water into wine so she could drink to forget that, despite her uncouth upbringing, her son Jesus was in love with Mary Magdalen.  Or something like that right???

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