Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We have PLANTS!

Forgive the picture quality, as these were taken on my terrible Blackberry phone, but we finally have some plants in front of our house!  We are also trying to grow more grass, so we spread some topsoil, which is why there are parts of the lawn that look like big patches of dirt. In the front of the porch, we have pencil hollies on the outer-most corners, dwarf lilacs in the center, burning bushes adjacent to the stairs, and Jacob's Ladder in front of all three.  Around the tree, we have hostas, coral bells, day lillies, and more Jacob's Ladder.  I hope these things all grow in nicely!  Greg did a great job of outlining the garden borders using Belgian Block we got for free from our town (SCORE!).  I still wish the garden to the right of the stairs was a bit higher in elevation so that everythign in the front of our house didn't look so askew, but, to accomplish that, we'd need to add a retaining wall and fill in soil from the sidewalk back, plus we'd need to raise the screen stuff under the porch - which, as you all know, took entirely too much time to get installed last year, so we aren't really interested in modifying it at this point.

We'll see what happens as these plants grow in - I was afraid of planting too many things close together, but the front still looks a little bit bare to me.  Here's hoping these things start growing and blooming!


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