Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Letter to my Husband

My Dearest,

Phew, where has the time gone?  Five seemingly short years ago, while on a hot, sunny beach on a tiny island off the coast of Puerto Rico, we vowed to love, support, protect, cherish, and laugh with each other for the rest of our lives.  We made all those promises based on getting to know each other as "more than friends" for a mere 1 year and a couple months.  But, at the time, I hadn't been more sure of anything in my life.  Plain and simple, you were (and are to this day) THE ONE!

These past five years have been tremendous.  We have gone from being somewhat careless city dwellers to suburban homeowners.  From hockey-stand builders to true do-it-yourself construction "experts" (even if we're the only ones who will certify that to be true).  We have traveled to distant continents as well as explored a few near-home locales, all of which have been intriguing in their own right, but none have been more comforting than the calm we feel when we return to the home we've made together!  We have experienced MANY ups and our fair share of downs, but we have managed to stay on the same page, forever forging forward, together, in what is now OUR life.

In the grand scheme of things, five years doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment.  Especially when you compare our longevity with that of many of our friends and family, who have managed to stay the course of loving one person for 10, 20, 30 years and more.  However, based on the life we've lived these past 5 years, I have not one doubt that we will surely be celebrating a Golden Anniversary, together, 45 years from today.  Think about that.  45 years from now.  That's more years away than either of us has been on this earth individually.  And, yet, I'm confident that we'll be old, gray, wrinkled, and still together, and, more importantly, still in love 45 years from today.  I HOPE that we'll be comfortably retired at that point also - but even that I'm not 100% sure of.

I know I don't take enough time in our normal day-to-day routines to stop and thank you for simply being the one person I share my life with - the one who I want sharing in my every happiness, every pitfall, and every roller-coaster ride in between.  Sometimes, when I talk about you with other people, I realize just how lucky I am to have such a loving, devoted, understanding, and non-judgemental person standing by my side.  You truly are my rock. 

Thank you for being unjaded, and for constantly striving to get me to see things through the same rose colored glasses you seem to wear daily.  Your ability to see the positive side of every situation amazes me - and your willingness to work hard to achieve your goals without letting the "little things" slow you down sometimes seems like a miracle to me, who gets caught up and hung up on too many details to see the big picture you see so clearly.

Most importantly, my dear, thank you for choosing me.  I have no idea what I did in this life or ones I've lived in the past, but I am positively certain that good karma and some act of kindness from "the gods" had a hand in us ending up together.  I love you more today that I did 5 years ago, and I look forward to experiencing our love grow as we both grow as individuals and together as the super awesome team that we are.

Happy Anniversary. 


Sarah :)

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